Who else wants a private, customized tour of Historic Old Savannah?

If you’re looking for the true experience of Savannah and want to discover the secrets and hear the stories that’ll carry you back through time and into the sights, sounds, culture, charm and hospitality of the Old South—then meet Dottie Barrett, Savannah’s most requested historical storytelling tour guide.

Treat yourself and your party to one of her exclusive, by-appointment-only private tours, day trips or excursions.

Let Dottie tell you about the Savannah she loves…

Dear Traveler,

There’s not another city like Savannah in the country, maybe not in the world. She’s so mysterious, eclectic, charming and beautiful. I’m a Southerner and Savannah still blows my mind. She’s survived fires, wars, yellow fever epidemics, great wealth and acquired many layers and faces and quite a reputation.

As I tell my guests, “She’s sometimes a little naughty and sometimes a little bawdy, but she’s always a lady, she always wears her jewels.”

To get a clearer picture of what you’ll experience during your custom-designed tour, I want you to travel back in time and imagine yourself with...
  • The first settlers as they carved the original city out of a virgin forest

  • Colonial soldiers as they prepared for the siege of Savannah, the second bloodiest battle of the Revolutionary War

  • Pirates who scurried to and from your ship in an amazing maze of underground tunnels

  • Terrified residents trying to survive the yellow fever epidemics of the 1820’s, Sherman's March to Savannah and life during the four long years of the Civil War

If your tastes drift more towards art, architecture and culture...
  • Spend your time exploring General Oglethorpe’s original town plan by walking the grid of his 22 planned squares, and taking in the impressive architecture, homes and gardens of Savannah’s Historic District

  • Learn about Savannah’s eclectic mix of notable artists, writers and musicians by exploring the places they frequented

  • Discover how everything and everyone interacted with the river, the railroads, the plantations and trade

If you prefer the glories of nature to history...
We can travel by car, van or riverboat and take a half-day, full-day or two-day adventure into the rivers, marshes and wildlife areas of the Low Country.

Everyone comes to Savannah for a different reason. So you and I will chat a spell on the phone prior to your arrival in Savannah and together we’ll plan a tour designed to suit your taste and interests. You’ll select:
       - One or two themes for your tour
       - The types of places you want to see most
       - How long you want to be touring and
       - Your preferred mode of transportation

Here’s what guests and Savannah Tourism Leaders say about going on one of Dottie's tours:

“C.A. and I enjoyed being with you last Wednesday. We appreciated you taking your time to give us such a wonderful tour of Savannah. It is such a beautiful and interesting place. We enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks again for being such a wonderful tour guide.”
       —C.A. and Faye Royal, Salemburg, NC

“Dottie worked with my Westinghouse Client the last two days, they said ‘she was the best tour guide they ever had.’ And they are very well traveled, international people. Every time we left the hotel, the same group wanted her. It’s because she’s the best storyteller, a very good listener and is down-to-earth and gracious at the same time. There is nothing pretentious about Dottie. She’s just so nice, caring and loving. She gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling and people feel such ease with her.”
       —Ann Howell, President, Cobblestone Connections, Savannah, GA        www.cobblestoneconnections.com

“Yes, Yes, Yes! We love you! Thank you so much for a wonderful time in Savannah. You are the BEST! You make Savannah come alive in a special way for our travelers. We already have inquiries for next year. What a blessing you are for Savannah. We will see you again soon.”
       —Judy and Max James, Morreland, Indiana

I offer two types of tours that I will customize to your personal preferences:
  1. History Tours: The Historic Old Savannah Tour

  2. Nature Tours: The "Get-Out-Of-Town and Explore the Salt Water Rivers, Islands, Marshes and Wildlife of the Low Country" Excursion

Themes for your private Historic Old Savannah Tour may include:
  • The First Settlers (1733-1763)

  • The Revolutionary War Years (1763-1787)

  • The Civil War and Reconstruction Years (1850-1870)

  • Savannah Homes and Gardens

  • Savannah Artists and Writers

  • Savannah’s Architecture

  • Urban Planning (General Oglethorpe’s original design and the 22 squares)

  • The Smart Marys of Savannah (4 strong women named Mary, their deeds, their eccentricities and their influence on Southern and American history, art, architecture and culture from 1733 to the present)

  • Regional Antiques

  • Low Country Plantations
Once you select your theme(s), I’ll describe the types of places we can visit based on your interests, time frame and transportation preference.

Here are 3 convenient ways to tour Savannah’s Historic District:
  1. By air conditioned or heated car (the modern way—no walking in summer!)

  2. By private horse-drawn carriage (the elegant way)

  3. By foot (the way to see things up close)
How much you see and the amount of detail included in your tour will depend on how much time you want to spend touring, the distance between destinations and your transportation selections.

Here are 3 options for how long your tour can be:
  1. The Half Day Adventure (three hours)

  2. The One or Two Full Day Experience (six hours each day, includes time for a Southern style dining experience (4-star fine dining in an historic setting or gourmet contemporary cuisine)

  3. The Two-Day Excursion includes an overnight stay in Charleston while touring the finest plantations of the Low Country. (A two-hour drive from Savannah.)
Once we’re out, I’m completely open and flexible to whatever you and your family or group wants to do. Want to stop somewhere and explore or get an ice cream? Great. It’s your tour and I want you to enjoy it.

And I welcome questions. In fact, I encourage them even in the middle of my presentation. It keeps your tour fresh and makes it more meaningful to you and your interests.

After you’ve selected your theme(s) and destinations, I’ll design a tour itinerary and e-mail you a copy.

When you arrive at your hotel, just call me and we’ll decide where to meet. I’ll pick you up and off we’ll go!

More comments about Dottie's tours:

“It’s just a fantastic experience being with her. I recently had a coordinator tell me that ‘this has been the best tour experience we’ve ever had’ and it’s because of Dottie. She’s considered the #1 history tour guide. She can do this because she knows Savannah’s history so well and she presents it in such a great way, with all those stories. She’s read all kinds of books about Savannah, the women of Savannah and all the plantations and everything else. She even gets standing ovations all the time at the end of her tours.”
       —Ann Howell, President, Cobblestone Connections, Savannah, GA www.cobblestoneconnections.com

“Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoyed your tour. You were so nice and such a good storyteller. All of the women were very impressed.”
       —Debbie Baughman, Caterpillar Dealers Used Parts Association Wives, Mount Pleasant, PA

“When Dottie tells you the history, you can tell she has a passion for it, really cares about it and it helps make the delivery of the information interesting for the traveler. You know how you can talk to somebody and be thinking, ‘I’d like to be friends with her’? That’s just how she makes everybody feel. They love Dottie!”
       —Kristin Sanders Detwiler, Cobblestone Connections, Savannah, GA www.cobblestoneconnections.com

Plus, your tour comes with my 100% Money-Back Guarantee

My goal is to have your time with me be the most memorable part of your trip to Savannah. Therefore, you have my personal guarantee that if you take my tour, you’ll enjoy it and I’ll give you your money back if you don’t.

The truth is, I’ve never had anyone ask for their money back and I’ve taken over 2,000 guests on tours of Savannah, Charleston and the Low Country since 1988.

Just remember, I am a true Southerner—the great-granddaughter of a Confederate captain—so I offer a decidedly Southern point of view on everything that happened here. If you can’t cotton to that, you probably shouldn’t take my tour because whatever we talk about, and whatever adventure we go on, you’re gonna hear it from a true Southerner, because honey, I am what I am!

To learn more or to plan your customized tour adventure, experience or excursion:

Simply pick up the phone and call me, Dottie Barrett, at 912-661-0964.

If I’m out, kindly leave a message with the best time to call you back. Remember I am in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States and I do not call anyone back after 8 p.m. my time.

I look forward to helping you plan an unforgettable trip to Savannah.

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