Here's what tourists and tourism leaders say about Dottie Barrett's tours of historic Savannah:

Dottie has the most knowledge of the history of Savannah of all the tour guides in Savannah. We have such interesting history here that you don’t have to add to it, and Dottie does not. She just tells you like it is in that totally original way of hers. In fact, she could talk to everybody all day long about everything in Savannah and still have more to talk about at the end of the day. It’s hard to know everything about Savannah, but Dottie knows the most.”
—Kristin Sanders Detwiler, Cobblestone Connections, Savannah, GA

“Yes, Yes, Yes! We love you! Thank you so much for a wonderful time in Savannah. You are the BEST! You make Savannah come alive in a special way for our travelers. We already have inquiries for next year. What a blessing you are for Savannah. We will see you again soon.”
—Judy and Max James, Morreland, Indiana

Historic Savannah Tours “It’s just a fantastic experience being with her. I recently had a coordinator tell me that ‘this has been the best tour experience we’ve ever had’ and it’s because of Dottie. She’s considered the #1 history tour guide. She can do this because she knows Savannah’s history so well and she presents it in such a great way, with all those stories. She’s read all kinds of books about Savannah, the women of Savannah and all the plantations and everything else. She even gets standing ovations all the time at the end of her tours.”
—Ann Howell, President, Cobblestone Connections, Savannah, GA

“We are extremely grateful to have met you and experienced you love for Savannah. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and hospitality to the Otterbein Cardinals. Our lives are changed due to your insight and knowledge.
—Becky Smith, Otterbein College, Westerville, OH

“Thank you for everything you did to make "Savannah 101" such a success! Your presentation always enhances the event. Your tour was most enjoyable and your guidance and input for the booklet material was, as always, appreciated. Thanks for your many contributions to our organization!”
—Tammy Ray, Savannah Area Tourism and Leadership Council, Savannah, GA

Historic Savannah Tours

“C.A. and I enjoyed being with you last Wednesday. We appreciated you taking your time to give us such a wonderful tour of Savannah. It is such a beautiful and interesting place. We enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks again for being such a wonderful tour guide.”
—C.A. and Faye Royal, Salemburg, NC

"Dottie worked with my Westinghouse Client the last two days, they said ‘she was the best tour guide they ever had.’ And they are very well traveled, international people. Every time we left the hotel, the same group wanted her. It’s because she’s the best storyteller, a very good listener and is down-to-earth and gracious at the same time. There is nothing pretentious about Dottie. She’s just so nice, caring and loving. She gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling and people feel such ease with her.”
—Ann Howell, President, Cobblestone Connections, Savannah, GA

“When Dottie tells you the history, you can tell she has a passion for it, really cares about it and it helps make the delivery of the information interesting for the traveler. You know how you can talk to somebody and be thinking, ‘I’d like to be friends with her’? That’s just how she makes everybody feel. They love Dottie!”
—Kristin Sanders Detwiler, Cobblestone Connections, Savannah, GA

“Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoyed your tour. You were so nice and such a good storyteller. All of the women were very impressed.”
—Debbie Baughman, Caterpillar Dealers Used Parts Association Wives, Mount Pleasant, PA

“We never run into problems with Dottie. She’s easygoing, she can roll with the punches, if there’s a problem she takes care of it and I never hear about it. She can change gears in a matter of seconds. I’ve had Dottie working with my groups for 7 years. She's worked with over 100 of our groups and not one person has ever complained.”
—Ann Howell, President, Cobblestone Connections, Savannah, GA,

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